Practice organic spices and live a healthy life.

Are you worried that your blood sugar is above the border line and how to reverse it? high cholesterol due to liver fat? don’t worry. Live a healthy life by practicing organic spices.


Live a healthy life by following the below mentioned guidelines and I am sure your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol will be under control. Exercise, diet and home remedies will definitely help to reverse diabetes at the initial stage, and this is proven.  Who doesn’t want to be healthy all life? Who doesn’t want to look fit?  If you have not done your blood checkup at least in a year’s time, please do it.  Especially, after you cross the age 35, it’s a must to do a blood check to know if you are healthy and if you need any kind of diet or treatment.  Trust me, if you are already practicing jeera water, fenugreek water on empty stomach, and keeping a watch on what you eat and remain active, you will not even get such diseases in life.

Practice organic spices and live a healthy lifeThese days due to various reasons and lifestyle, everyone without the age bar is suffering from different types of diseases.  Blood sugar, blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol has become very common.  Some of us even not aware we have it.  We get angry on small things, we get irritated faster, challenges in life are too many, no time to rest, we think we are like this because of the stress and yes, stress causes a lot of harm to our body.  So, it is very important to keep our health under control.  How can we live a healthy life?  The answer is, Spices and Herbs that are easily available and consumable, no hard work, no extra cost.

Why do you think common sicknesses such as pressure, diabetes, cholesterol heart attacks are increasing in this world year by year and to treat them we start taking medicines and some of them are lifelong. Restrictions on food, restriction on salt, blood sugar leads restriction on sweets, rice, bread, and if anyone has BP and Sugar both, then life becomes so “difficult” because you have to think thrice before eating anything, you cannot enjoy eating out with friends, you can not be normal like others and live a healthy life and so on. Isn’t that difficult?  So Practice organic spices and Live a healthy life.

Our grandparents even at the age of 90, are having better health than we do.  Why is that so?  Main reason behind this, is the lifestyle, the kind of food we eat, the amount of rest we take, the amount of sweat we take out of our body.  In olden days, people were growing their own vegetables, fruits, spices by themselves at their farms and were eating them fresh, no preservatives, no chemicals, no health issues, no monthly checkups, no harmful medicines. No office work after working hours.  The home remedies they were using were amazing.

In modern days, people are eating mostly processed foods which is quick to prepare, fried items, readymade foods which is stored in the fridge for nearly months, sitting and watching TV or mobiles, no working out in the sun, not sweating, lots of stress, doing office work during resting hours, causing a lot of health issues even at a tender age.  We still have hope, hope to improve our health, hope to improve our lifestyle. In fact, we need not worry about even getting such health issues. We simply need to use more and more organic food and spices that are easily available in every house and live a healthy life.


Let’s understand how we can even not come to that stage of taking those lifelong medicines, how we can prevent certain illness and live a healthy life always, try these simple methods.  Start making habit of consuming any one of these below spices every day or alternative days, trust me, your body will be in good condition for lifelong. There are antioxidants in spices, herbs, organic vegetables and fruits. These antioxidants help our body fight with radicals. If too many radicals are built in our body, it increases the risk of getting obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, blood pressure etc. Let’s go through the spices and its benefits one by one in brief and how we can consume it easily and its health benefits and how to live a healthy life.

Fenugreek or methi seeds:

Fenugreek or methi seeds has fiber, alkaloids, carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals and steroidal saponins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and manganese. It controls rheumatoid arthritis, it has anticancer properties against cancer, it can also reduce tumor cell growth.

How methi seed helps in controlling blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol: Methi seeds help in lowering blood sugar as it contains fiber, which slows down the digestion and regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar, it helps in reducing weight. Because it has fiber and calcium, it helps in reducing LDL/TG and brings down the blood pressure. Regular consumption of methi water lowers the cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides and increases HDL level in the blood.

How to consume Fenugreek seeds and Live a healthy life:

Soak 1 to 2 teaspoon of methi seeds in water overnight and drink that water early morning every day on empty stomach.

Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds contains antioxidants, it has iron, it has anticancer properties, helps to control blood sugar, blood pressure, helps in lowering cholesterol. Cumin may help fight the effects of stress by working as an antioxidant. It contains thymol and essential oil that stimulate the salivary gland, and this helps in easing digestion. Cumin is used to treat gastric problems as well. Cumin boiled along with coriander seeds will help in treating urine infection.

How to consume cumin seeds to Live a healthy life.:

Soak one tablespoon of cumin seeds in water overnight, morning boil it and consume every day on an empty stomach. You can also add little honey and lemon to this water if you wish.

Cinnamon powder water:

CinnamonCinnamon controls blood sugar control, protect against heart disease, and reduce inflammation. It has antioxidants, which may help lower your risk of disease. Cinnamon also reduces blood pressure when consumed consistently. Since cinnamon is able to lower insulin resistance, it can lower blood sugar levels and support better blood sugar control.

How to consume cinnamon and Live a healthy life:

Make a tea of cinnamon powder. Boil water and add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Strain and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. This tea also reduces menstrual symptoms such as bleeding, pain, nausea, and vomiting.
Taking english medicines/tablets every day could be dangerous. Spices such as cumin, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and fenugreek are used as medicines from ancient times. Turmeric cures stomach ulcers, pepper act as an antihistamine, treats coughs and colds.
There are no side effects with these spices. Consuming cumin water, methi water, cinnamon tea early morning prevents health issues and also helps to maintain weight.


gingerThis is a digestion perk plus has healthy sugar benefits.  Constant consumption of ginger for a certain period can lower the fasting blood sugar.  Its a good remedy to treat chest congestion.  If you or your child is suffering from chest congestion, mucus cough remove little juice out of ginger, add a bit honey and black peper powder to it and consume for 2 or 3 days, for sure it will help the common cold and congestion.

Ginger can also reduce the bad cholesterol.  Make a tea of ginger.  Boil smashed ginger in water, add little lemon and pinch of turmeric and drink.

So, practice organic spices and live a healthy life.  You can also find different topics based on real life experiences on my website  You can also get this topic through my website by clicking this link Live a healthy life.  Those with not too high diabetes, try Dabur-Jamun-Neem-Karela-Juice for 3 months and have a good control on sweets, drink tea without sugar and proven results are amazing.  You may find it near your grocery store as well.


PS: You can try practicing these remedies even before you develop any common health issues.  After seeing a live example of a pure vegetarian friend of mine who consumes these remedies every morning drinking methi water for a week, jeera water for another week and so on, has not exposed to any english medicine so far, has increased my confidence and faith that spices do really enough for us to keep us healthy.  He has been also able to keep himself away from major health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol pass 50s.  I believe these remedies play a major role in keeping our health away from some illnesses.  Practice organic spices and live a healthy life, but if you are already suffering from high blood sugar, high BP and high cholesterol which has already spiked, you definitely need to consult a doctor to treat that, do not delay in such case.


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