Amazing Tour to Georgia | Travel Guide

On my list of favorites comes Georgia – Tbilisi.  Make your dream come true by taking budget friendly, an Amazing Tour to Georgia Country | Travel Guide.

Want to explore a new place? Want to know which is the cheap and best country to visit? First one in my list is Georgia.  I had an amazing Tour to Georgia.  Anyone can visit this country easily; it is cheaper compared to all other European countries.  Do you want to know more about this place before you plan your trip? then, yes, you are at the right place, here is my own experience in this beautiful county.  Continue to read to get Travel Guide.

Amazing Tour to Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful place to visit and remember for life.  You will start missing this place every time, it’s so good.  My travel to Georgia was memorable one.  Tbilisi is not only beautiful, but also cheaper.  Georgians are so friendly.  Let us know about few places that I had visited and had a great time.  Trust me, it is a great place to spend holidays with your family and friends.  Kids will love this place especially Hot Air Balloon and Mtatsminda Park.

Georgia climate is wonderful.  Summers are pleasantly warm, winters are snowy and cold, and significant rain.  June and September is the best time to visit Georgia.  July and August are bit hot.  If you want to see snowfall, then you should visit between January to March.

Do you need visa to enter? Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman does not require visa to enter Georgia.  Indian citizens do require eVisa.

Here are some wonderful places to visit in your Amazing Tour to Georgia | Travel Guide:


SamebaThis is a Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral located in Tblisi on the left bank of river Mtkvari, Ellia Hill.  Since it is located at a high place, we can have a beautiful view from top.  Very peaceful and beautiful place, trust me.

Rike Park:

Rike Park is best for kids and adults.  This is a modern park situated in the center Tbilisi, left bank of Mtkvari river, very near to Sameba.  This place has a lot to enjoy.  Let’s go one by one.

First one is Bridge of Peace

Bridge of Peace

Pedestrian bridge connects old Tbilisi to new one.  Beautiful mashroom shaped bridge where you can walk, take great pictures with your family.

Secondly, Hot Air Balloon. Enjoy the beautiful view from the very top about 150 meters high from air balloon.  It is an exciting adventurous experience.

Thirdly, Narikala Fortress.  We have to go through cable car to Narikala Fortress from Rike Park.  Another amazing experience. 

Mother of Georgia

This Fortress has 2 wall section on steep hill.  At this place you can find plenty of small shops selling handmade stuff, show pieces, also soothing music, and a huge Mother of Georgia statue which is also known as Kartlis Deda monument in Sololaki hill next to Narikala.

Fourth one, Boat Tour on river Mtkvari.  Just cannot forget this so wonderful feeling.  Vow, first you can buy a glass of wine of your choice if you are a wine lover, sit in the boat that takes you from outside Peace Bridge around old and new Tbilisi parts by enjoying your wine, music, dance if you wish, and of course amazing weather and view.

Fifth one, Double Decker Bus Tour.  This bus takes you around the city from Rike Park.  You can sit on top and enjoy the ride around the city at your own peace.  You need to buy a ticket and you can get down wherever you want or come back to the same destination where you had started from, its upto you.

Sixth one, Wax Mannequins collection and mirror Maze is so much fun.  This is inside a small building that is located just beside Air Balloon in Rike Park.

Kazbegi and Gudauri:


The beauty of this place is out of this world.  This is a mountain area full of greenery and snow.

Mtatsminda Park Tbilisi:

This is an amusement theme park in Tbilisi.  An excellent place of entertainment especially for the kids where the adults can enjoy wine ice cream as well.  This park consists of lot of rides, roller coaster, giant wheel, train ride, tattooing, stage programs for little kids, and so many other things, one can also enjoy tram ride to get down from the top of the place towards the road at the bottom.

The Wine Factory in Kakheti:

Wine Shop

You go to Georgia and do not see the wine factory? hmm… you drink wine or no, this place is another place to visit.  We had an amazing time looking at the production, storage of wine and varieties of wine.

Batumi Botanical Garden:

This is a black sea resort in Batumi city.  Unfortunately, I could not go to this place as this was a bit far from Tbilisi, 5 hours journey from Tbilisi.  Heard this a beautiful new city, which has many places to visit and famous for different types of cuisines.  Apart from Tbilisi, there is another international airport in Batumi.  Since Batumi is a bit far from Tbilisi its a better idea to book a hotel just for 2 or 3 nights in Tbilisi and then move to Batumi side and stay there for few days.  Vow, trust me you will have a great and Amazing Tour to Georgia.

What to eat during this Amazing Tour to Georgia:

You get all kinds of cuisines here.  There is absolutely no issues for food both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  You have Indian, Arabic, Georgian, KFC, Pizza hut and so on.  One of the best dishes that I liked from Georgian cuisine is the famous fried potatoes with pork, in Georgian language it is called, Ojakhuri.


Apart from this, their another famous dish that you can try is Khinkali.

Few Concerns that you may have including the above-mentioned Travel Guide:

Washrooms in Europe is a bit worrisome matter for Asians.  If you are worried if the bidets for toilets are fixed, then no need to worry, upon your request in the hotels they will fix one for you.  Just shoot an email to the hotel regarding your concerns and needs.  For example, Hotel residence plaza has all these facilities available.

We had travelled to Tbilisi in the beginning of June.  The weather during this month was pleasant.  It was not hot, it was not snowing.  Snowfall you can enjoy in September.  We did prebooking of hotel on  It costed around KWD 450 to KWD 500 for both flight and hotel stay for about 6 – 7-night for 3 adults.  So approximately it might cost totally around KWD 750 if you stay for 6 to 7 nights and it can cost more lower depending upon number of people, your expenditures and number of days of stay.

Conclusion to Travel Guide:

It is better to plan well before you travel to any place.  Sometimes people do prebooking of hotels for their entire holiday stay and then they find it difficult to move from one place to another especially when they have kids and end up not visiting some places. It is suggested book hotel for first half of your trip and then extend the booking in same hotel if you wish to stay there or move to a different hotel to far place because that makes it easy for you to visit other end of this country, trust me, you will have an Amazing Tour to Georgia.  You can access my blog through my website as well or click on this link Amazing Tour to Georgia.

Wish you an Amazing Tour to Georgia – Tbilisi.  Hope my blog was helpful.  Enjoy.  God bless.

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